Who am I ?

Passionate and curious of everything, versatile and creative, my life is made of design, aviation, photography and many other things. I am a professional artistic director in a design studio for the luxury goods industry and a volunteer designer for the French Air Force. This is an invitation to discover my world of pixels and colours.


Things I do

A good bow has several strings to it.

  • Graphic design

  • Aeronautics

  • Photography

  • and much more...


Graphic design

A graduate of the St Luc School of Design (Brussels) and an artistic director in a studio specialized in the luxury goods industry (hotel chains, jewellery, perfumes etc.) for over 10 years, I have a true passion for graphic design, typography and fine layouts.



Passionate about aviation since childhood, I have strived to link my craft and my dreams by offering my skills to the French Air Force for the liveries of several of its aircraft.



Having been trained in film black and white photography, images for me are not made with simple bursts of snapshots. Just one image is required, at the right time with the right composition. There is just one way to catch the perfect instant. Digital technology changes nothing, a good photograph is born in the photographer's eye.


And the rest

I have the privilege of experiences such as chairman of a theatre society, launching a fashion brand and being an insatiable traveller… Whatever the field, my passion remains my driver.